Evolution of A Dream

I’m a heart centered maker just like you.

8 years ago, I had a dream of making organic soap and supporting my family with it.

This dream came true in a big, beautiful way.

As Poppy Soap flourished, fellow makers began reaching out to me for advice.  I started mentoring and sharing the skills, knowledge and best practices I acquired along my handmade business journey.  The makers I mentored started carving an easier and fulfilling path to their own Dream Maker Biz.

Then somewhere in the past 2 years, while mentoring, my Dream began to shift.

I discovered other gifts within myself. My intuitive, mystical side was emerging. I realized I had so much more to give and I was ready to evolve Poppy Soap.

Apothecary of the Soul is an evolution of this Dream. A home-coming.

Here, finally, I bring all my selves together in one magical space. The Hardcore Strategist who climbed the 6-figure corporate ladder, the Heart-Centered Maker who founded Poppy Soap Co., and the Magical Unicorn who worked with rituals and crystals to stay connected and grounded to her soul’s purpose.

My purpose? To ignite fellow makers and creative legacy builders. Help them soar on their own success wings. Guide them toward their most soul-aligned path.

It’s a Dream I’ve lived. I can’t wait to share all I’ve learned with you.


Lindy LaRoche

Maker, Mentor, Alchemist.

“If you are really ready, jump in with Lindy and be ready to fly!”Amy Newman

The Poppy Soap Years

A dream maker business come true.

For 8 years I lived and breathed Poppy Soap Co.

Within four months of launching Poppy Soap Co., I was in a national magazine.

I grew the business to over 300 wholesale accounts.

I was mentioned by Martha Stewart in her social media and was part of the Martha Stewart American-made Spotlight.

We ran a successful Indiegogo campaign, raising $10k for my ‘Bar for Bar’ women’s shelters give-back program.

Most importantly, I was able to support my family with my maker business.

Looking back, I realized how tenacious I was. I had a huge drive for making the Dream real. It was not easy, but right out of the gate I did two things right : I invested in a mentor and a fabulous brand designer.

These two decisions allowed me to play beyond the hobby level and helped me soar.

If you’re looking for your own mentor to help you take effective action in your Maker Biz, I’m here to help. Check out my Maker Mentorships.

How A Happy Addition Seeded The Dream

Before Poppy Soap. Co., before the Dream, I was earning 6-figures in the corporate health industry.

And then Brody, my son was born.

I realized that my high-earning job would take me away from him.
I knew I had to choose between my family-my son, or work.

I chose Brody.

Bringing him into the world infused me with a sense of empowerment and fearlessness. After this great miracle of life, I felt like nothing was impossible. I could create anything I want.

I started thinking about the world I wanted to leave behind for my son. About giving back. Caring for others. Sustaining the environment.

The birth of my son taught me that there’s so much more to life than climbing the corporate ladder. And so I left the comfort of the corporate world and made Poppy Soap Co. real.

I never looked back.

My Heritage : A Maker’s Roots

I am born from a long line of farmers. My mother was the only one in her family to move to the city. I spent my childhood roaming free on my grandparents’ ranch. My fondest memories are of my time here with my horse Apple Cinnamon. My Grandmother taught me how to care for animals, grow and harvest plants for medicinal purposes. My mother taught me about unconditional love, nurturing and stability. My father gave me my drive and perseverance. My grandfather was a generous spirit who had the gift of wit and laughter.

These early years of untethered freedom, exploring and getting dirty on a farm, surrounded by animals and loved ones, shaped who I am and ultimately, my life’s work, reminding me always, what matters most in life.

“Play is the highest form of research.”
Albert Einstein

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